For a business that manages properties, there are significant risks for employee injury, especially related to facility maintenance. A worker installing a new dishwasher in an apartment complex can hurt his back lifting the appliance.  A retail tenant having an electrical issue calls the maintenance man, who gets a shock re-working the wires. A janitorial employee, after a tiring day walking up and down stairs, has a mis-step, trips, falls, and sprains her wrist.

For situations like this, you need Workers Comp insurance. But what happens when the employee takes advantage of the situation? That low-back injury requires 2 years of adjustments with the chiropractor, touching hot wire has a surprisingly long recovery process, and the sprained wrist turns into 3 years of physical therapy.

Your WC insurance company is paying every dollar of those claims, and their putting it back on you by increasing your rate in future years.

But what if you had control over your claims? What if you were able to settle them quickly, reasonably, and save your rate.  

Lucky for you Texas allows businesses to opt out of Workers Comp and get a similar policy covering employee injury. It’s called ‘non-subscriber insurance’.

Just like I’m saying, this coverage allows you to take control of employee injury claims and keep them from increasing your rate. Even without major claims, Non-subscriber insurance offers premium savings compared to Workers Comp. Businesses typically shave at least 20% off their premium by switching to non-subscriber….and considerably more if they’ve had claims in the past 2-3 years.

My agency has a niche in non-subscriber insurance. Since it came out in the 80’s my father Craig Rekerdres, has helped major Texas businesses develop a competitive edge by letting dollars that would be paying Workers Comp premiums be used for growth opportunities.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of non-subscriber insurance. Email me at

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