churchChurches have many different risk exposures. Church buildings face weather perils. Worship services with thousands of attendees have general liability risks. Church vans picking up congregation members have auto liability  risks. Outreach events, mission trips, and youth programs each have their own liability risks. Below are a few claim examples we hope you never have to face:

Property In 2012, a North Texas church suffered severe damage during a hailstorm. Because they were adequately insured, they received a full roof replacement on their sanctuary.
Auto Liability An inexperienced driver volunteered to pick-up members in the church van. His first time driving, while changing lanes, he didn’t check his blind spot and hit a speeding car. Both vehicles were heavily damaged, and same passenger suffered injuries. Because the church had the right auto insurance, all damages were covered.
General Liability At a church event, many members gathered to make improvements to the fellowship hall. Volunteers breathed-in paint fumes, were cut by glass, and scraped by rusty nails. Fortunately, medical expense insurance covered the more serious injuries.

Some key insurance issues for church and school leaders include….

  • Affordable premiums
  • Professional Liability coverages (D&O, Pastoral ​Professional, Abuse/Misconduct)
  • Wind/Hail coverage
  • Business Auto coverage

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