construction insuranceContractors face all kinds of risk exposures, and need a great agent to make sure they’re fully covered. We’re honored to serve some of the top construction companies in Dallas Fort Worth.

Roofers can be liable for leaky roofs. Roadwork contractors can be liable for traffic accidents. Below are a few situations we hope you, as a contractor, never find yourself in:

Builders Risk Over the course of several months, a homebuilder was working with his team on a house. One night his equipment and building material was stolen. Because he properly stowed the items on the premises and had the right Builder’s Risk coverage, his claim was covered.
Auto Liability / Equipment An artisan contractor didn’t completely tie-down the equipment in his trailer. As he’s driving down a bumpy road, several pieces of equipment fall out, break, and damage another vehicle. Both the auto liability and equipment were appropriately insured, so the contractor was fully covered.
General Liability A general contractor accepts a highway construction project. He hires a guardrail installer, and takes his insurance agent’s advice about requiring a Waiver of Subrogation in the contract. When, on that highway a few years later, a driver is injured due to the faulty guardrail, the general contractor is not held responsible for the claim.

Contractors and construction companies face insurance situations on a regular basis, dealing with contractual insurance requirements, insurance audits, and liability concerns. Key insurance issues for contractors and construction companies include…

  • Affordable premiums
  • Certificate requests – Prompt and accurate delivery (including endorsement forms)
  • Assistance on audits
  • Review your contracts and develop favorable wording

We wrote an article breaking-down these key issues, explaining concepts that will help you better understand your insurance program.