manufacturing insuranceManufacturers and distributors carry a lot of risk.  From expensive and high-hazard production facilities to products that, if used improperly, cause bodily harm. Below are a few situations we hope you, as a manufacturer, never find yourself in:

Property A Texas manufacturer hired an inexperienced, new worker to stock inventory. By accident, the employee improperly stacked highly flammable aerosol products. One night temperature changes, as well as an air-ventilation malfunction, led to this product’s combustion, and an uncontrolled fire destroyed the plant and it’s contents.
Liability Between 1950 and 1970, a Northeast US chemical company produced items containing Benzene. In 2006, an elderly man who used the product during that time, claimed it caused his cancer, and decided to sue the chemical company for bodily injury.
Workers Comp A group of employees at a Midwest manufacturer each developed a remarkably a similar respiratory disease. They traced their illness back to workplace conditions and sued the company for bodily injury.

Manufacturers and distributors face insurance situations on a regular basis, dealing with contractual insurance requirements, insurance audits, and a myriad of liability concerns. Key insurance issues for distribution and manufacturing companies include…

  • Affordable premiums
  • Products liability coverage
  • Certificate requests – Prompt and accurate delivery (including endorsement forms)
  • Occupational injury
  • Assistance on audits

We wrote an article breaking-down these key issues, explaining concepts that will help you better understand your insurance program.

Insurance for Chemical Product Manufacturers is one of our specialty programs. Learn more about coverages for this niche.