“Expertise” and “Service” are at the core of every good insurance agency.

But these two words, in a business context, can be overused, cliche, and vague.

Below puts some specifics on how “Expertise” and “Service” are core values for Rekerdres & Associates.

Core Value #1: Expertise
Coverage Knowledge 

It’s critical for commercial agents to know their stuff. Coverage exclusions or limitation could cost a business hundreds of thousand when having to pay an uncovered claim. We strive to explain policy specifics and clearly answer questions to make sure customers correctly understand their insurance program.  

Experience with the Insurance Process 

Quoting, Binding, Certificates, Inspections, Audits, Risk-Management…the commercial insurance process is nuanced and complex. Our staff has decades of experience guiding clients through this process.  

Niche-Industry Familiarity 

Commercial insurance agents, as they become industry specialists, need to grasp unique concepts. Over the years we’ve become familiar with our focus-industries and have developed expertise in niche exposures and coverages.

Core Value #2: Service
Scouting the best price / coverage 

It’s important for us, as an independent agent, to consistently test the market and make sure our clients are getting the best bang for the buck. This criteria defines the independent agent. 

Responding to requests

When an agent delays in processing a service item, it can suspend the business’s operations…and we don’t want to be the reason why a business can’t close on a loan, operate a vehicle, or win a construction bid. When we receive a service request, we respond quickly and efficiently.  

Proactive risk-management 

For commercial entities, especially large businesses, effective risk-management can bring about significant cost-reduction. Whether it’s claim reviews, contract analysis, E-Mod calculations…we strive to proactively assist with risk-management needs, aiming to lower the total cost of risk.