apartment complex insurance

P&C Insurance is a significant expense for multi-family businesses.

Anytime you make a major purchase, you want all your questions answered.


Common Questions

Below are the most common insurance questions for the multi-family industry, and articles that provide answers.

Property Insurance
How do I maintain a reasonable wind/hail deductible? Get a Low Deductible on Your Property Insurance- 3 Phrases to Know
How do I make sure I’m not over-insuring or under-insuring my properties? Make Sure You’re not Over-Insuring or Under-Insuring Your Property
How will Hurricane Harvey impact property insurance rates in Texas? Property Insurance – 2018 Rate Expectations after 2017 Hurricanes
What are some tips for handling expensive loss-control recommendations? Multi-family: Tips for handling Expensive Loss-Control Recommendations
Any tips for satisfying insurance requirements on a loan? Property Insurance – #1 Tip for Managing Insurance Requirements From the Bank
What is ‘co-insurance’ and how do I make sure it doesn’t penalize me in a claim situation? Understanding Property Co-Insurance
Liability Insurance
How do I know if liability exposures are excluded or have low sub-limits on my policy? Multi-family: Are Significant Exposures EXCLUDED on My Liability Policy?
Employee Injury
Are there ways, outside of Workers Comp, to cover employee injury and save money Real Estate Businesses – Insure Employee Injury, Control Claims, and Save Money

The Question EVERY Multi-family Owner / Manager Needs to Ask… 
What’s my rate?


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