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Employee Injury in Retaurants / Bars / Hotels

For a hospitality businesses, there can be significant risks for employee injury, in all aspects of operations.


A chef fixing the daily special suffers minor burns on his arm, hand, and wrist area.


A waitress carrying a serving tray doesn’t see a wet spot, slips and lands on her tailbone.


A janitorial staff member using a strong cleaning compound, develops a skin condition.


Taking Advantage of the Situation

For situations like this, you need Workers Comp insurance. But what happens when the employee takes advantage of the situation? 

  • The forearm burn turns into 10 months of physical therapy.
  • The low-back injury requires 2 years of adjustments with the chiropractor.
  • The skin condition leads to 18 months of dermatologist visits / treatments.
Workers Comp – Rate Increase in Future Years

Your WC insurance company is paying every dollar of those claims, and they’re putting it back on you by increasing your rate in future years.


Taking Control of the Claim

But what if you had control over your claims? What if you were able to settle them quickly, reasonably, and save your rate.  

Texas allows businesses to opt out of Workers Comp and get a similar policy covering employee injury. It’s called ‘non-subscriber insurance’.

Premium Savings

Even without major claims, Non-subscriber insurance offers premium savings compared to Workers Comp. Businesses typically shave at least 10-20% off their premium by switching to non-subscriber….and considerably more if they’ve had claims in the past 2-3 years.

Competitive Edge

Our agency has a niche in non-subscriber insurance. Since it came out in the 80’s Craig Rekerdres (the agency founder), has helped major Texas businesses develop a competitive edge by letting dollars that would be paying Workers Comp premiums be used for growth opportunities.


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