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Insurance policies are no easy read, but they contain critical information regarding how your real estate is protected.
  • Which situations are covered and which are excluded?
  • What is the rate and what factors influence the rate?
  • Do the limits and sub-limits match the property values?

Several years ago, various commercial property owners gave me the privilege of reviewing their insurance
To my surprise, their policies were not constructed in ‘textbook’ fashion… 
  • ‘Coinsurance’ terms indicated they’d be penalized on a claim
  • Low sub-limits minimized coverage for certain perils
  • High Rates. Their premium was reasonable, but property values were scaled-down to hide a high rate.
These policies were a far-cry from what I had learned from industry veterans.
I developed the Policy Review Process helps property owners or managers understand and get value from their policy.

This process consists of…
Rate Analysis
How does your rate compare to industry benchmarks?
How do building features impact your rate?
Does your location and occupancy impact your rate?
Coverage Analysis
What coverage features are on the policy?
 Are there exclusions or sub-limits?
Does your policy contain industry-specific policy forms?

Since the mid 80’s, we’ve reviewed (and written) policies for…
  • Over 150 Texas Real Estate Owners and Managers
  • 2,000+ unit Multifamily Property Management Firm
  • 150 million property TIV (Total Insurable Value) Apartment Schedule
  • 60+ Location Retail Real Estate Firm
  • Multi-state property spread including costal
We’re a little biased, so check out our Google Reviews for a fair perspective

This is NOT a sales meeting 
It’s designed to help property owners/managers…
  • Improve Risk-Management – Understanding policy coverages helps you steer clear of an uncovered claim situation
  • Enhance Business Operations – Understanding and improving your rate lets you put dollars toward growth opportunities

 What To Expect…
  • Review consists of a 1 hour visit, concluding with 5-10 policy insights.
  • Is conducted by Vice President David Rekerdres (Linkedin Profile).
  • Is free and policy information is totally confidential.

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