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Active-shooter events are cause for concern regarding safety and potential liability.

Weather-related claims are forcing churches and schools to pay more for insurance.

For church and school institutions, understanding insurance concepts help manage risk and save dollars. Below are common questions concerning church and school insurance…

Property Insurance
How do I make sure I’m not over-insuring or under-insuring my church / school building(s)?
Do I need to have specialized coverage for my steeple, stained glass, fine arts, or other valuables?
Liability Insurance
What are best-practice tips for managing an active-shooter situation
How do I insure Directors, Officers, Trustees, and make sure board members are properly covered?
How do I protect my institution from harassment allegations made by a third-party?
School / Church – Specific Concerns
Regarding tithes and donations, do I need a crime insurance policy to cover theft?
My school / church hosts and sponsors events. Do I need a special events insurance policy?

Find the answers to your questions

Our articles address industry-specific concerns, and offer risk-management tips to improve your church or school.

Property Insurance
Liability Insurance
School / Church – Specific Concerns