restaurantRestaurants and bars face many types of risk. Severe weather can damage your building, difficult work conditions could result in a Workers Comp claim, and overserving a patron could result in an incident for which you are held liable.  Below are a few situations we hope you, as a restaurant or bar, never find yourself in:

Property One Valentines Day, a fine-dining establishment was especially busy. The chef and his staff were overwhelmed with orders and ignored safety procedures. When a fire broke-out, much of the interior was severely damaged. Fortunately the restaurant owner had the right insurance program, and all property repairs over the $1,000 deductible were covered.
General Liability At a local seafood restaurant, a patron choked on a shell that had not been properly removed from the dish she ordered. She received immediate medical attention at a nearby hospital for cuts in her throat and mouth. These medical expenses were covered by the restaurant’s GL policy.
Liquor Liability A minor and his friend were served a beer at a local neighborhood bar. Shortly after leaving, the underage driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a telephone pole. His friend suffered injuries as a result of the accident. Witnesses later testified that the bartender had not requested proper identification. Suit was brought against the bar claiming illegal service to a minor. The restaurant owner, figuring GL covered alcohol risks, had not obtained liquor liability insurance, and was responsible for all legal penalties.

At Rekerdres & Associates, we’re confident that we’re the right choice for your restaurant or bar insurance needs. Here’s a few advantages in working with us:

  • We’ve insured restaurants and bars for over 25 years.
  • We have a collection of insurance companies that offer superior insurance programs tailored to the hospitality industry.
  • We’ll assist with the biggest insurance concerns of restaurants/bars including:
    • Affordable premiums
    • Liquor Liability
    • Professional liability coverages (EPLI, Cyber Liability)
    • On-site visit and risk analysis
    • Full insurance review to ensure that, for all your operations, you have no ‘gaps’ or missing coverage
  • We’ll work vigilantly to keep your premium as competitive as possible.
  • We provide responsive and detailed customer service, personally addressing 1) coverage questions 2) policy endorsements 3) inspection reports 4) certificate requests 5) and many other risk management needs