On your General Liability policy you’ve probably seen the section that shows the policy limits for different coverages. There’s typically a per-occurrence limit, an aggregate limit, and limits listed for a few other coverages. One of those ‘other coverages’ I want to tell you about is medical payments coverage. It’s pretty unique because it pays for immediate medical expenses for someone who gets injured on your premises…regardless of liability or who’s at fault. It’s a coverage that’s meant to take care of relatively minor injuries quickly, so they don’t turn into big claims and place greater burden on the insured. So if someone visits your premises, slips, falls, and breaks a bone, this coverage will pay for ambulance expenses and immediate medical costs.

Typically the limit for this coverage is $5000, but coverage applies per-person. That means that if patrons at your restaurant choke on hidden bones in a batch of soup, the $5000 limit applies to each patron individually. One important to note…this coverage does not apply for employees. Workplace injuries are covered by workers comp.